MY VITA SOMETHING MORE ABOUT ME! EXHIBITIONS Artbox.projects Zurich 2020 - Switzerland Artbox Miami /Wynwood 2019 - USA Gallery Limulus, Munich 2019 Art Spectrum, Miami 2018 - USA art expo New York, New York 2018 - USA Camaver Kunsthaus, Bellano Lago di Como - Italy 2017 Studio LIVALIKE, Munich 2017 art expo New York, New York 2017 Spectrum Indian Wells, California 2017 - USA Lori 30 Ateliers, Munich 2016 L’Essentia, Montermaciono al Mare - Italy La Birba, Cupramontana - Italy Böhmler im Tal, Munich Obermeyer Bäder Munich Barbara Scott Gallery, Miami - USA Gallery La Maiziere, Miami - USA Expressions, Fort Lauderdale - USA Nuovo Melodrom, New York - USA Jamson Whyte, New York - USA Barbara Scott Gallery, Miami - USA since 2013 Maluba is back in Munich, Germany 2003 to 2012 living in Cupramontana, Italy
where she held summer workshops in her 
ceramic studio. 1992 – 2003 living in Miami and worked beside 
ceramic art as an art director for photo productions. 1989 painting lessons at the Art School 
of Gonzales Diaz, Key West and started painting 
with watercolors and oil on big canvas. From 1981 – 1992 Editor and Fashion Director 
for various magazines (Lifestyle, Design, Fashion). 1980 ceramic workshop at Sorbonne Campus, Antibes. Training in journalism, Munich. Born in Germany.

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