Ceramic Art & Painting

Now what was it again?
Art is a promise of change, is protest and revolution - but also a call 
to the primeval consciousness of our early evolutionary stage? A call to forgotten knowledge, universally possessed by all, created from the sum of all experience, chanelled through our senses. An active recollection of the limbic system. The last reservation of a lost integrity allowing us to divine 
the emergence of past present and future. So does art actually have no purpose except in its explanatory role? Positioned beyond the sphere of language where it repeatedly asks questions 
of an archetype, through intensive inspection, or through deep transcendental knowledge? 
In short: Artists make the invisible visible. 
Is that so? Yes!
 Here Maluba is a living example: Images painted directly 
from the womb. 

Wolfgang Tolk 2019, (Curator)
 Translation by Paula Domzalski

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