Ceramic Art & Painting

My first experience with clay came in 1980, at a workshop in Antibes, France. At this time I was working primarily with watercolors and oils, but I was very curious about pottery. 
I felt the marriage of painting with the added dimensions of the clay’s texture and malleability would allow me to express myself more completely. Between 1984 and 1991 I was very lucky to be able to work as a journalist and travelled extensively throughout Europe and Africa. My exposure to these varieties of ancient rich cultures, in my opinion, has had a tremendous impact on my artistic style and vision. My style was not consciously chosen, but evolved that I got closer to my work and found the syntax necessary to express my ideas. For me, the studied techniques of more formalized art have been always inhibitive. My personal experiences, the personality and strong relationship to my surroundings are best expressed that way. I hope while viewing my work, you also might feel a connection to a more spiritual and universal world that I feel is in all of us. Angelika Ulrich

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